Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak last year most organisations have introduced to protect their bottom lines. In the process, businesses were likely to shift their focus to short-term sustainability rather than investing into digital innovation and transformation. SMEs in New Zealand have also followed this trend by showing readiness and positivity when it … Continue Reading

Now it’s clear that remote work is here to stay, with Gartner predicting 48% of employees working remotely at least part of the time even after the pandemic, the spotlight on digital transition and acceleration is brighter than ever. Research on digital business growth in New Zealand Nearly a year into the monumental shift to … Continue Reading

Organisations worldwide are exploring ways to keep employees safe from COVID-19, many encouraging home working until widespread vaccination means people can return to physical workplaces. But in New Zealand, workers are increasingly open to remote work, enabled by communication and collaboration software. New hybrid working models see workers split their time between the office, home, … Continue Reading

New Zealand has seen some of the world’s toughest lockdown and social distancing restrictions in response to the pandemic. And these measures have had a significant impact on work culture across the country. In almost every sector, people have had to swiftly adapt to remote working, adopting a range of online collaboration tools along the … Continue Reading

Research from GetApp reveals the effects of the pandemic have resulted in 33% shoppers in New Zealand making more eCommerce purchases and fewer in–store. However, it appears this shift is not only driven by COVID-19, as 43% of Kiwi shoppers confirm they are happy to do more of their Christmas shopping online this festive season, due to the added convenience it provides.  To give brands a greater understanding of the trends currently … Continue Reading

If you are not an online shopping expert by now, you probably soon will be. COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of technology across many industries and the retail sector was one that was forced to pick-up brick and mortar stores and transition to an eCommerce shop. This reality has pushed many people to their mobile phones, … Continue Reading

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