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Apex LIS is a cloud-based laboratory information solution designed to help businesses in the healthcare sector automate processes for diagnostic testing & ensure the regulatory compliance of lab equipment. Apex LIS lets users store all information in a unified repository for future reference. Read more about Apex LIS
LabCollector is a laboratory management solution and electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) for small to larger sized labs, R&D, academics and pharmacy groups Read more about LabCollector LIMS
eLabJournal is a secure and compliant electronic lab notebook (ELN) software. It allows users to collaboratively access any samples, documents or data. It can be customized to the user's and lab's workflow. Read more about eLabJournal
The CGM SCHUYLAB Laboratory Information System offers multi-language support and is scalable to meet the needs of a small physician office lab or a large, multi-site reference laboratory. Read more about CGM SCHUYLAB
eLabInventory is a cloud-based sample management software specifically created for laboratories. Read more about eLabInventory
Quartzy is a cloud-based lab productivity and management software for businesses involved in scientific research and development. It involves an eProcurement interface which allows scientists, lab managers, researchers and R&D organizations to automate inventory management and ordering workflows. Read more about Quartzy
MediaLab's Document Control enables laboratories to take control of documents & procedure manuals, meeting CAP, CLIA, Joint Commission, FDA, EPA, ISO 15189 regs Read more about Document Control
Intelligent Medical Software is an electronic medical records (EMR) suite of solutions designed to help healthcare businesses. Key features include chronic care management, health maintenance, clinical flow charts, a care portal, claims scrubbing, e-faxing, and clinical decision support. Read more about Intelligent Medical Software
MedicsPremier is a comprehensive financial/RCM/ operations/mobility platform. Proactively captures maximized claims value & patient revenue with access from the scheduler to its Responsibility Estimator; out-of-network alerts & eligibility verifications on scheduling & in pre-appt. batch mode. Read more about MedicsPremier
CrelioHealth is a cloud-based LIMS software designed to help medical laboratory & diagnostic centers streamline operations with custom workflows, automated communications, configurable forms, and online payments. The dashboard allows real-time monitoring across multiple locations. Read more about CrelioHealth
CGM LABDAQ is a laboratory information system (LIS) that provides healthcare organizations, veterinary offices, reference laboratories, and hospitals with tools to manage electronic medical records (EMR) and other administrative operations. Read more about CGM LABDAQ
Aesthetic Record is a cloud-based practice management software designed to help aesthetic clinics manage online booking, patient records, invoices, inventories, and more. Read more about Aesthetic Record
Psyche Systems is a web-based laboratory information management solution, which assists hospitals and clinical labs with reflex test scheduling, culture accessioning and record locking. Its key features include datasheet monitoring, quality assurance, synoptic reporting and patient management. Read more about WindoPath
SciNote is a cloud-based electronic lab notebook designed to help medical organizations store and access lab data from the database according to requirements. Supervisors can sort available information based on projects, tasks or experiments and retrieve details using specific keywords. Read more about SciNote
CDD Vault is a drug discovery informatics platform with an intuitive web interface that allows users to manage & analyze chemical data & biological assays Read more about CDD Vault
Dendi LIS is a cloud-based laboratory information system which helps molecular diagnostics and toxicology laboratories with sample tracking and regulatory compliance. Key features include process automation, workflow management, inventory management, and reporting. Read more about Dendi LIS
Prolis is a laboratory information system designed to help hospitals and reference laboratories of all sizes manage & streamline routine tasks. Prolis' automated reporting capabilities let users create reports and schedule test result delivery across patients, clients & co-workers. Read more about Prolis
CloudLIMS is a web-based sample management solution that enables biobanks, research organizations, clinical labs, pharmaceuticals and hospitals to track and manage samples and freezer locations with virtual storage location mapping, barcode scanning, data import/export, and more Read more about CloudLIMS
Orchard Harvest is a laboratory information system that helps businesses streamline and automate data workflows using system integrations. Administrators can maintain an audit trail and track lab samples as well as specimens’ statuses across all stages of testing. Read more about Orchard Harvest
Avalon Laboratory System is a modular LIS (Laboratory Information System) for managing all the production needs of clinical, toxicology & esoteric laboratories Read more about Avalon Laboratory System
Need a Merge replacement? Comp Pro Med’s Polytech LIS is an affordable yet feature-packed LIS replacement. Get up and running now. Read more about Polytech LIS
Simplex HIMES is a cloud-based medical practice management software designed to help hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic laboratories manage patient intake, care, and treatment from end-to-end. Features include consent forms, bed management, ID scanning, OT scheduling, and picture archiving. Read more about SIMPLEX HIMES
Utilizing the most advanced MPI technology and a unique 4-layer approach simplifies implementation and guarantees <1% duplication rate Read more about Big Data MPI
Clinicea is a modular EMR (electronic medical record) solution for primary, aesthetic & ancillary healthcare which supports electronic prescriptions, lab reporting, pro-active health management, appointment scheduling, clinical audits, integrated pharmacy & inventory, and more Read more about Clinicea
Labgen LIS is a laboratory information management system that helps medical organizations manage specimen barcoding, cytology reporting, quality control processes, and more from within a unified platform. It provides a built-in web portal that allows medical professionals to set up unidirectional or bidirectional interfaces to receive orders and... Read more about Labgen LIS
IBM Clinical Development is a SaaS clinical trial solution, which provides features such as patient engagement, electronic data capture, reporting and analytics, Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessment (eCOA), Watson AI-powered medical coding, randomization, trial supply management, and eConsent. Read more about IBM Clinical Development
Nova-LIMS is laboratory information management system, which helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies manage all laboratory processes such as testing, data collection, scheduling & reporting. The centralized platform allows users to track inventory and receive real-time notifications on orders. Read more about Novatek Suite
ValGenes is a Validation Lifecycle Management System (VLMS), which helps businesses handles the entire corporate validation lifecycle and is used by organizations across the biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical industry. Read more about ValGenesis
LimitLIS is a cloud-based laboratory information system designed to manage laboratory workflows and increase laboratory system efficiency Read more about LimitLIS
Qualis LIMS is an easy-to-use but very versatile and advanced Laboratory Management System that can be used across all industry verticals. Read more about QuaLIS LIMS
LabVantage is a cloud-based laboratory information management system designed to provide medical, research, and diagnostic labs of all sizes with integrated electronic laboratory notebook capabilities, laboratory execution systems, and scientific data management systems for end-to-end management. Read more about LabVantage
ApolloLIMS is an enterprise laboratory information management system designed for labs within sectors such as clinical, public health, toxicology & molecular biology. The platform aids laboratories in data capture, testing, processing, & reporting by automating tasks & facilitating custom workflows. Read more about ApolloLIMS
PGM offers a technology-plus-service approach to practice management and medical billing, which maximizes the reimbursement process and streamlines operations. Offers cloud-based practice management and revenue cycle management software to third-party integrations and full-service medical billing. Read more about NorthStar
LIS 365 is a cloud-based laboratory information management system which helps manage patient samples & associated lab data. LIS 365 comes with an interface monitoring tool, which allows users to define and set alerts on parameters such as file counts, export queue pending minutes, & more. Read more about LIS365
SeeHash Laboratory ERP is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning and LIMS (laboratory information management service) for industries such as water, environment, medicine, and more. The platform provides users with the tools to manage samples and their associated data in one place. Read more about SeeHash LIMS
Labwise XD, by Xybion, is a cloud-based business process management (BPM) solution designed to help research and diagnostic laboratories manage process and equipment flows. Key features include instrument maintenance, test protocols, document control, resource utilization tracking, and reporting. Read more about LabWise XD
Exemplar LIMS is a cloud-based, integrated suite of LIMS (laboratory information management system) tools designed to help clinical research and medical facilities manage laboratory samples, genomics data, medical billing, sales force automation, and sample preparation. Read more about Exemplar LIMS
Be it a hospital or a private practice, MediFusion is an all-in-one medical billing solution for all healthcare systems. Our integrated software is adaptive to all specialties as our knowledgeable team of experts has served many specialty-specific providers all around the United States. Read more about MediFusion
DragonflyPHD is a cloud-based patient management software designed to help healthcare facilities to handle appointments, client communications, registrations, compliance, vaccines, medications, and more from within a unified platform. It offers customizable templates, which enable businesses to promote services across patient and employee portals. Read more about DragonflyPHD
Evident is a cloud-based lab management software designed to help dental labs streamline quality control and production. It lets teams automatically track internal and external process improvements and remakes. Read more about Evident
Lab Management System is a medical lab software that helps small to large organizations manage staff records, forms, work lists, samples, reports, and more on a centralized platform. It enables employees to generate patient reports with free test and drop-down menu options, such as no abnormality identified and unsuitable specimen. Read more about Lab Management System
Falkondata Interoperability connects user's LIMs or EHR to theirs billing system, automates the flow of orders and results. Read more about Falkondata Interoperability
Telemedicine offers healthcare providers, clinics, and hospitals that provide virtual healthcare the tools to deliver quality virtual and chronic care. Key features include appointment scheduling, remote treatment plans, patient & admin panels, alerts, reports, analytics, and activity dashboards. Read more about Telemedicine
My Intelligent Machines (MIMs) software provides a set of tools offered by a pioneering company in the field of artificial intelligence applied to biology. The MIMs platform provides biopharmaceutical companies with the functionality to perform simulations while developing customized treatments. Read more about My Intelligent Machines (MIMs)
Apprentice is a laboratory execution system that helps life science manufacturers manage sample testing processes. Scientists can create digital instructions, operate with accuracy, prevent deviations and improve batch release. Read more about Lab Execution System

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