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Prevent click fraud on your Google and Facebook Ad campaigns. Stop bots and competitors from clicking on your ads. Read more about ClickCease
Spider AF is an Ad Fraud Detection tool that detects, blocks, and protects web ads from invalid clicks and conversions. With centralized fraud management and advanced automation, advertisers can easily detect fraudulent activity across all published ads. Read more about Spider AF
At Opticks, we envision living in an economy where there is no digital fraud. Opticks is the anti-ad fraud solution for brands and marketing agencies. We empower these businesses to focus on growth while providing the fraud protection they need. Read more about Opticks
FRISS has a 100% focus on automated fraud and risk detection for P&C insurance companies worldwide. The AI-powered detection solutions for underwriting, claims and SIU have helped 175+ insurers to grow their business. Read more about FRISS
An advanced AdWords click fraud elimination platform designed to give marketers full source control to reduce CAC and boost PPC conversion Read more about ClickGUARD
Clixtell provides advanced Google Ads automated click fraud protection and detection services, call-only ads tracking & click monitor, live reporting, web analytics, and PPC click fraud protection tools for businesses & advertising agencies. Read more about Clixtell
AppsFlyer is a cloud-based mobile attribution and marketing analytics platform which assists app marketers with campaign management and conversion tracking. Its key features include customer journey mapping, attribution modeling, audience segmentation, social media metrics and retention tracking. Read more about AppsFlyer
Adjust is a cloud-based business intelligence solution which helps marketing agencies & mobile app marketers track engagement across digital channels & discover the sources of online traffic. Adjust provides insight into the entire app download journey, including user engagement, behavior, & more. Read more about Adjust
Block more fraud to prevent misreporting and wasted budgets with the most comprehensive fraud protection suite. Read more about Singular
TrafficGuard is a cloud-based digital ad fraud protection solution, which assists digital advertisers, agencies, and advertisement networks with fraud prevention and mitigation. Key features include campaign analysis, traffic filtering, monitoring, trend analysis, machine learning and reporting. Read more about TrafficGuard
Statcounter is a cloud-based web analytics platform designed to help businesses track website traffic, performance and visitors' locations, engagement metrics, browsers, activity feed, and more. Administrators can monitor trends for corporate landing pages through a breakdown of referrals from social media applications, paid traffic campaigns,... Read more about Statcounter
The only fully automated, self-learning click fraud protection tool for PPC advertisers. Instantly & automatically block click fraud and improve your ROI without having to lift a finger. Read more about PPC Protect
Branch is a cross-platform attribution & linking solution designed to improve mobile measurement and user experiences across devices, platforms & channels. Branch increases mobile conversion, engagement, and retention through deep linking, mobile banners, user routing & personalized app experiences. Read more about Branch Metrics
Beacon provides Click Fraud Protection on Google Ads, Bing, Facebook & Instagram, empowering marketers to accurately measure campaign results, waste less budget & improve ROAS. Bots mean c.40% of ad spend is simply wasted. Beacon detects & blocks those bots. Waste less budget & reach more people! Read more about Beacon
ADWARY is a cloud-based fraud detection and prevention tool which assists businesses of all sizes with click monitoring and threat detection. Its key features include account alerts, IP blocking, keyword tracking, account sharing, data processing, reporting, and server side tracking. Read more about ADWARY
NS8 is a comprehensive fraud prevention platform that combines behavioral analytics, real-time scoring, and global monitoring to help merchants of all sizes optimize order processing and minimize risk. Read more about NS8
AdProtect, built for Google Ads campaigns, is a click fraud prevention software that helps businesses evaluate visitor behavior and automatically block specific IP addresses. It enables data analysts to automatically track and generate real-time analytics on web traffic and visitor behavior. Read more about AdProtect
PerimeterX offers a suite of products, Bot Defender, Code Defender, and Page Defender to protect businesses from online attacks. It uses behavioral fingerprinting, machine learning, and predictive analytics to recognize real users while blocking automated attacks. The suite can protect against web scraping, carding, browser extensions, digital... Read more about PerimeterX
Click fraud protection software that helps advertisers improve their ad performance by blocking malicious ad clicks and views. Read more about Fraud Blocker
AdTector is a click fraud prevention software designed to help businesses detect anomalies and block malicious IPs based on indicators such as blacklisted IPs, device IDs, user agents and more using a machine learning-enabled robot. Read more about AdTector

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